Alina is a hand lettering artist, living in a beautiful seaside town - Brighton. She fell in love with calligraphy as soon as she started practising it. Laying the words on paper allowed her to have a break from the outside word and focus on her dreams...

'I'm a dreamer, Adventure seeker and coffee lover. I love travelling, good food and I bake some amazing cakes - occasionally. I believe in good things, and that with a positive attitude and hard work, everybody can achieve their wildest dreams.'

Every design is lettered on paper with a brush pen and ink. I do minimal digital editing to keep the 'precious flaws' of the work. I believe in simplicity and clean artwork, that would look great on the wall in your home, design studio and ready to give as a gift. 

I CREATE with purpose to make you FEEL inspired!


This is my work space and where all the magic happens - lettering the prints and getting my hands dirty (always covered in ink). I am sure you have also noticed my pure love for plants.