Modern Calligraphy + Cotton Paper

Handmade paper is one of my favourite materials to work with - you can’t go wrong with a cotton texture, deckled edges and a rustic look.

How To Use Tombow Dual Brush Pens - Tips and Tricks

If there was one pen I would have to pick from all the brush lettering supplies - the winner would definitely be the Tombow Dual Brush Pen! Not only it’s considered to be the best beginners brush pen, it is also useful for an intermediate level hand letterers to help create amazing projects!

It was the first pen I bought when starting my lettering journey, and even though any pen seemed to feel intimidating at the time, I’m glad it was the one I started practicing with.

South Of France - Citrus Festival

February is a beautiful time to visit French Riviera. Blooming of mimosas, peak of the citrus season and warm temperatures (comparing to the rest of Europe) are good enough reasons to escape the reality.

But our actual reason endeavouring on this trip was to experience the fun of a Citrus Festival. That’s right - a celebration of the citrus harvest.

It is usually organised from mid February - mid March in a little town called Menton, just 40 minute train journey from Nice.

My Favourite Places To Visit In London On A Day Out

I count myself lucky living in Brighton as it’s only about an hour train journey from London! As most of my friends have moved to London for job opportunities and education, I try to dedicate at least one visit every month to catch up with the dearest girlfriends!

Through September With A Grateful Heart

Every day, list the things you are grateful for - we tend to take our everyday lives for granted and concentrate on things we don’t have. Why not be happy in the moment, right here, with what you have and where you are.

Click HERE to download your checklist!

Print at home or your local print shop - this is A6 size, handy to put in your notebook or journal.

Free Daily Planner Printable

With January being the month of fresh starts and new goals, there is a lot of pressure and hard work to be put in achieving everything we have set our minds to. 

The best thing that helps me is staying organised and planning the time wisely
This daily planner have helped me stay focused and productive throughout the week, and yes, there is a little section for 'FUN' too, because we all need to recharge ourselves in order to be the best possible versions of ourselves!

Free Calligraphy Christmas Tags Printable!

It's a start of the holiday month and I created these FREE Modern Calligraphy Gift Tags that you can use for your own gift wrapping.

I hand lettered these joyful messages that hopefully will add a special touch to your presents and help you tune into the festivities! 

The tags can be printed through HERE

Download the file, print at home or at your local print shop, cut them out and add a vintage string for that simple, rustic look! ENJOY!



I just love cotton paper. That texture, deckle edges, and if you add watercolour to it - it's the whole lot of perfection. Many of you have been asking me what paper do I use for these projects, so I thought I'll share with you a bit more of the process.


As you may already know (my dear IG friends). I take 'caring for myself' quite seriously. Small business does not just run itself. But we need to learn not to run ourselves mad. 

It's Monday morning, you hear the order labels printing in the background, the kettle boiling, that crisp smell of ground coffee and you realise that it will be one hell of a long day.

Questions like 'how am I gonna get everything done? I need to organise that pile of cards and prints, I need to prepare for new product launch, there's that custom order I need to finish off today, oh and I totally forgot about that family meeting! How is it 6pm already?!'

Overworking myself became normal and I felt that guilt creeping up every time I allowed myself to rest.

Welcome to my little creative chaos!

This was exactly me when I just started this business one year ago. I have never been a very organised person, but this was a time, when I had to take charge of things. Just for my own sanity you know. I had to take control.

So I started taking care of myself. I put myself first, Because I had to be healthy and have a clear head in order to create good work. 

Here are the top 10 things that helped me to stay focused and healthy and filled my days with productivity.

Travelling is my recharging!

ravelling is what sets my soul on fire and gives me all the good energy- which I am later using to create work. It is when I feel most alive. Exploring new cultures, places and trying new food, exhausting myself with beautiful views and hikes- feels like a real adventure.